ACCESSbank has officially acquired Bank of Nebraska

Understandably, there are a lot of questions surrounding what took place, what’s going to happen and how these changes are going to impact our customers and our community. We compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions to address any concerns someone may have about the acquisition.

Three Important Terms To Know

Merger: In May, ACCESSbank will have officially acquired Bank of Nebraska. This means that the two banking charters are now integrated under one FDIC charter. Despite the merger taking place, you will still continue to do all of your physical and online banking at Bank of Nebraska.

Conversion: The conversion will take place in late summer. Conversion means that the two banks’ data processing systems have been fully integrated and you will officially be able to do all of your banking at any one of the seven locations of the merged banks. This is also when all Bank of Nebraska locations will become branded as ACCESSbank.

Transition: The period of time between the merger date and the conversion date.

Answers About Upcoming Changes

What's happening to my bank?

Bank of Nebraska has been acquired by ACCESSbank. The acquisition will take place in May, and at that time the two banks will officially merge into one bank. After the merger takes place, you will no longer receive branded Bank of Nebraska documentation. All documentation will be branded ACCESSbank. However, the physical conversion will not take place until late summer. Therefore, you will continue to do all of your banking at Bank of Nebraska until the physical conversion takes place.

How will this acquisition impact my regular banking activities?

After conversion in late summer, Bank of Nebraska customers can continue to expect a broad range of products and services and will have even more locations throughout Omaha available to them. We look forward to serving you and earning your trust in the months and years ahead as we work to build a lifelong financial partnership together. The same familiar faces will also be on the job. Bank of Nebraska’s employees will remain in support of our growing organization. Their skills and talents are complementary to those of our employees and you will be able to work with your favorite banker in meeting your banking needs.

How will this affect my account and the way I conduct my banking today?

As of right now, there are no changes. Bank of Nebraska customers can continue to conduct their banking as usual. You can continue to use your current checks, deposit slips, debit and ATM cards, and your direct deposits, pre-authorized/recurring transactions and statements will continue without interruption. After the data processing conversion is completed in late summer, Bank of Nebraska customers will notice that they have a broader range of products, services and locations available them.

Will my banking hours change?

We will continue to provide convenient hours of operation and do not expect a change at this time. If any changes were to be made, we would provide ample notification.

What will happen to my Bank of Nebraska online banking accounts and mobile app?

At this time, you can continue to use your current personal and business online banking accounts as well as the same mobile app. You will be notified well in advance of any changes that may be required by the data processing conversion. We understand the importance of online banking services to our customers and will make this transition as seamless as possible.

Will the website address change?

Upon conversion in late summer, Bank of Nebraska’s website will be combined into ACCESSbank’s at This change will be accomplished automatically, safely and securely – no action is required by you.

Should I expect someone to call or email me to verify my deposit account information?

No, neither Bank of Nebraska nor ACCESSbank will call or email you to ask for your personal, confidential information. If you call us, however, we may ask you for some of that information to simply verify your identity. Please let us know if someone calls or emails you, claiming to be from Bank of Nebraska or ACCESSbank and asks you for personal, confidential information.

Answers About The Acquisition

Why did ACCESSbank decide to acquire Bank of Nebraska?

ACCESSbank saw Bank of Nebraska as a natural blend of talent, values and dedication to its customers. This merger accomplishes a goal of ours to cover the geographical metro area better and offer an alternative to the larger financial institutions through personal service and a complete line of banking services.

How will I know when the acquisition has taken place?

You will be receiving written correspondence from us with information and instructions regarding any actions you may need to take regarding your account options in advance of the acquisition and the data processing conversion.

Will further information regarding the acquisition be provided?

Please continue to check our website for all updates.

Answers About ACCESSbank Products And Services

Are ACCESSbank’s products and services the same as Bank of Nebraska?

We think you’ll be impressed with the line of products and services that will be available to you through ACCESSbank, including online banking, business and personal banking and insurance products and services. To help you feel more comfortable with the transition, we will be providing specific information regarding any possible changes to your personal and/or business accounts as the data processing conversion approaches.

What is ACCESSbank’s approach to lending and how will it affect my loans with Bank of Nebraska?

ACCESSbank prides ourselves on being extremely responsive to loan requests. We offer a variety of loan products for individuals and businesses at competitive rates. At this time, the terms and conditions of your loans and lines of credit will remain the same. ACCESSbank has been voted the “Best Business Bank” by B2B Magazine four years in a row.

Will I receive the same customer service at ACCESSbank?

Our purpose at ACCESSbank is to “Create Positive Experiences” every day. Our dedicated staff is trained to go above and beyond for our customers to ensure complete satisfaction of their experience. We are known for providing excellent service and it’s one of the main reasons for our steady growth in recent years. Our staff is extremely excited to provide Bank of Nebraska customers with financial solutions and excellent customer service.

Answers About ACCESSbank And Its Stability

Who is ACCESSbank?

ACCESSbank is a locally owned community bank with more than 130 shareholders, providing business and personal banking, mortgage and insurance solutions. We have four locations in the Greater Omaha area and more than 65 employees working to deliver outstanding service by understanding our clients’ needs and providing appropriate financial solutions.

How do I know that ACCESSbank is financially sound?

ACCESSbank is a strong, highly rated bank demonstrating consistent earnings and strong capital. It is owned by more than 130 shareholders who share our vision of building a super-community bank in the Greater Omaha area.

What happens to my FDIC insurance coverage if I have deposits at two insured banks that merge?

After the merger is finalized in May, if your combined balances at ACCESSbank and Bank of Nebraska are less than $250,000, you do not need to worry or make any changes to your accounts. Alternately, if the combined total balances exceed $250,000, there is no reason to immediately withdraw money or restructure your accounts. The FDIC will continue to provide deposit insurance up to $250,000 for each of your account ownership categories. The FDIC has a special rule that says when two banks merge, a customer’s deposits will be considered to be separately insured – as if the two banks are still operating separately, for at least six months. This grace period gives a depositor the opportunity to restructure his or her accounts, if necessary. Prior to making any account changes, simply reach out to your banker to discuss your options. You may be eligible for insurance coverage over $250,000 depending on the ownership structure of your accounts.

What does ACCESSbank do to protect my account information?

ACCESSbank maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to ensure your non-public information remains secure. To ensure the confidentiality of customer information, ACCESSbank has developed policies and procedures to guard against unauthorized access and uses industry-accepted software that is regularly updated.



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